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Whether it is common knowledge or not, it has long been noted that the United States government is first and foremost responsible for just about every major terror organization in existence today or during the past 50 years. The list is too numerous, but I will cite some examples.

After Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was re-installed during a coup by the CIA in 1953, the SAVAK security and intelligence service was founded. Millions of people were either tortured or murdered during his rein. After the Islamic Revolution overthrew the Shah, human rights groups continued to complain of human rights abuses in Iran. Among them were “death squads” in the form of killings of civilians by government agents that were denied by the government. This was particularly the case during the 1990s when more than 80 writers, translators, poets, political activists, and ordinary citizens who had been critical of the government in some way, disappeared or were found murdered. During the same time that the Islamic Revolution began, Saddam Hussein was installed as the dictator of Iraq. This happened to be during the time that George H.W. Bush, Sr. was running the CIA. Are you connecting the dots?

Al-Qaeda is a CIA and Pakistan ISI created terrorist group. Hamas was nurtured from the ground up by Israel’s Mossad and Institute for Intelligence and Special Tasks. Al-Jihad is financed and supported by the Muslim Brotherhood, a British and U.S. intelligence asset. The Neo-cons orchestrated 9/11 and claimed that Muslims did it so they could justify invading Afghanistan, Iraq and in the near future, Iran.

Battalion 316 which also murdered or tortured many people received substantial financial support and training from the United States Central Intelligence Agency. There are many other CIA financed and trained death squads that have been heavily involved in Central and South America.

James W. von Brunn wasn’t the “lone-wolf” that has been reported in the press, but is in fact an operative who was clandestinely installed by the FBI to discredit those who are opposed to certain policies of the federal government not to mention human rights abuses committed on behalf of the American people.

Under COINTELPRO, the FBI provided covert aid to the Ku Klux Klan, Minutemen, Nazis, and other racist vigilantes. The Elohim City “settlement” connected to documented government operative Timothy McVeigh and linked to the Aryan Nations and other white supremacists groups was in fact operated by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the FBI.

Other nations have also engaged in false flag operations most notably the Nazi Party starting the Reichstag Fire and blaming it on the Jews.

The Black Bloc anarchists are a notorious government front. In keeping with the well-documented “strategy of tension” technique pioneered by the CIA-NATO contrivance Gladio, so-called anarchists (who were police agents provocateurs) engaged in violence during the anti-globalist Genoa protests in 2001. During the Montebello globalist summit in Quebec in 2007, several “anarchists” were outed as police agents.

Often times, the “authorities” urge citizens to actively become snoops and instructs them to consider innocuous behavior as suspected terrorist activity. People who refuse to sign up for medicare and/or social security or value privacy are to be considered possible terrorists, as well as those who make “unusual purchases” or have “numerous visitors/meetings” i.e. bible study groups or business members who have networking meetings during evening hours.

Be careful! Things are not always what they appear to be.

Written by chrisforliberty

June 26, 2010 at 11:05 pm

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