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The joys of being a coach

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There are so many things to take into account – your ambition, your ego, the press, the consumers. You can never be sure that you’ll be on top of the pile again.” Giorgio Armani

After yet another incident involving UT football players, it may be fashionable to ask yet again: What is it with athletes causing trouble?

The way we respond to such matters is no different than how we respond to the average “celebrity” when they get in trouble.  While we feign horror at them beating someone up, DUI, you name it, the fact of the matter is that most of the average on-lookers want them to screw up on top of worshiping them.  No wonder society has a split personality.  There are way too many people who fail to keep things in their proper perspective be it sports, career, money, etc… When it is all said and done, you can’t take it with you.

Let’s be honest.  Winning games is the first priority.  Sure, they may talk about academics, being a good citizen and all that stuff.  But not at the expense of beating everyone on Saturday.  The only reason we are hearing so much about Tennessee is because they have slipped over the past few years on the field.  There is even a “Fulmer Cup” created by interestingly enough a Florida fan who fails to mention that since Urban Meyer took over, there have been around 30 arrests, DUIs, thefts, domestic assaults, drug use admissions, and various other shenanigans such as the Misadventures of Urban, one has to ask these Gator players: “Who am I to criticize?”  Not much is being said about the misadventures of Alabama and Florida nor USC for that matter until it was politically convenient to do so.  How come? Again, it all comes down to wins and losses. Dooley could be a choir boy, but if his teams go 3-8, 7-6, 6-5 or some other average combination, he is out of there.  Of course, the coaches get all the credit when things go well and all the blame when things go bad. Already, some of the “experts” are calling for Dooley’s head.  If they think they can do better, then I invite them to take his spot.

I’m working towards getting a degree in Physical Education with plans to get into coaching/teaching. While I love football as much as the next person, I’m not totally certain that I would want to coach at the Division I level or the NFL.  I think for my personality, the secondary school level or a small college would be a better fit.  I won’t write off anything yet.  But what I do know is this:  Neither big money nor are big stadiums my primary reason for wanting to get into this profession.  If it was, I would be doing it for the wrong reasons.

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July 11, 2010 at 3:44 am

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  1. […] I previously detailed a good bit what coaching can entail. The responsibilities and tasks vary some degree depending on whether it is a head coach, assistant coach, high school/college/professionals, etc…    The average sports fan already has a good understanding of the general responsibilities of a coach such as holding practices, recruiting, working with staff members on game plans and what not. […]

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