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Why Obama is going to India?

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US President George W. Bush (2nd-left) and Chinese President Hu Jintao (left) toast Saudi King Abdullah during a dinner at the White House for leaders attending the G20 Summit on Financial Markets November 14, 2008 in Washington, DC. Leaders of the Group of 20 richest economies and emerging economic heavyweights met in Washington to craft a joint strategy to deal with the rapidly spreading global financial crisis (caused by the same people). About two dozen leaders in all attended the dinner in the White House’s State Dining Room.

In early 2009, I blogged the following:

“Unless you have been tuning out (which can be good), you may have noticed that the United States recently sent a “warning” to North Korea and another one to China. Consider the source. Does Weapons of Mass Destruction mean anything to you? I suspect this is a coordinated PR stunt in order to fan the flames. India and Pakistan did it in a big way last year. India falsely claimed Pakistan was behind the attack as a way to distract from its own internal problems and a haste attempt at starting another war.  Fortunately, it didn’t happen. But it could with the right conditions.

Wars are planned and coordinated.  Sure, they are chaotic for the average person, but for the war-mongers and profiteers, it is a game. Poker, chess, Russian Roulette, pick your poison. How is it that the military can move massive amounts of equipment, material and soldiers in such a short amount of time when the average person on the street can’t even give you the time of day? It takes coordination and planning to be able to do all that.”

Speaking of coordination and planning, Obama is taking a “trip” to India as well as Indonesia and South Korea along with around 3,000 people. Beware of falling coconuts! What is really going on in addition to taking in some sights (I don’t mean the kind of places Mother Teresa would be seen in) is that they are making a show of force in a country of a billion people to solidify the adherence of the top level of society to the “Anglo-American” line which in fact has less to do with Americans and British in general and more to do with the global elite specifically i.e. the Rothschild/Rockefeller/Morgan line. Any global monetary system has to have India on board since it is the best positioned of any country to weather serious global currency problems. India is a thorn in the side of China and Pakistan. The rherotic of war between China and India has heated up and India and Pakistan have been at odds for over 60 years. The elites in those countries have played international affairs very well to set this up.

From the globalists’ viewpoint, business needs to further deteroriate in the West, and even China and increase in India. The idea is the more you have, the more you will have to lose and a society that is dependent on technology will not be able to provide basic needs since they are less inclined to put their hands in the dirt. It can be done, but they are less instinctive than say the hunter/gatherer or pioneer.

More business leaders in India need to be brought into lock step with those in the United States and England.  Almost all of the top level of business men and women came from families that worked with England in the time before India’s independence, but many of the people here are set against the multinationals. There are several popular religious TV stations that rail against GMO and promote ownership of solid assets and family values. Many of the mid size companies are run by men who are genuinely devote Buddhist. What’s more, they know the stories about the people at the top having groups declared to be terrorists so they could kill whole villages to put in plants. It’s unheard of to meet a businessman who makes a good income (millions or more) who doesn’t put a large part of their money into farm land, gold etc.

India will continue to grow. The private gold holdings are estimated to be around 30 times what they are in the USA. Salaries are cheap and technical expertise is abundant, even if they can’t match the top level talent in the USA yet. The middle class here is larger than the population of the US, but makes such small salaries that there is tremendous room for growth.

With competitive advantages, vast private gold holdings, short local supply chains, a limited amount of foreign debt on the books and a mostly rural population, India is in an excellent position to deal with a global currency collapse. Thus they are the next target of the elites (primarily bankers, bureaucrats and the Corporatocracy) which harken back to the time of kings and emperors claiming to rule by divine right.

Written by chrisforliberty

November 4, 2010 at 6:25 pm

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  1. Why Obama is going to India? « Chrisforliberty's Blog…

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    World Spinner

    November 4, 2010 at 7:10 pm

  2. […] Any global monetary system has to have India on board since it is the best positioned of any country to weather serious global currency problems. India is a thorn in the side of China and Pakistan. The rheortic of war between China and India has heated up and India and Pakistan have been at odds for over 60 years. The elites in those countries have played international affairs very well to set this up. […]

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