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Here are some sights and sites of interests from my trip to Texas

Family Violence Prevention Services, Inc. – Talked with a representative on the sidewalk after visiting the Alamo.

Pat O’Briens – nice place to spend your nightlife. They hosted the opening night of the Mud Crawl with the Mud King and Queen candidates.

Saltgrass Steak House – a lovely restaurant along the Riverwalk

American Football Coaches Association

Gridiron Heroes – met Chris Canales at the AFCA Convention in Dallas. It is now a national organization that seeks to support athletes who have spinal cord injuries.

Silver Leaf Resorts – I visited the Hill Country Resort north of Austin. While I don’t have the money or time to commit to this now, it is certainly a possibility in the future. It would beat staying in a hotel.

Premiere Parking Company – This gives you an idea of what is going on.           A phony front that poses as a parking company. They use a device called “Boots” and fake ID’s which can be ordered off the internet. At least in Texas, they target out of state vehicles and have hired thugs from the drug cartels such as MS-13 to do their dirty work. The address is non existent and the phone number was out of the country. Upon further investigation, these kind of parking scams are happening all over the country. Furthermore, the local police department and FBI look the other way. It goes to show why you can’t rely on government.

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January 15, 2011 at 4:23 pm

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