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Bruce Pearl era ends! What’s next?

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By now, half the world knows Bruce Pearl is out and whoever else is being tossed up as potential replacements.

UT men’s basketball had been on a roller coaster since the end of the Ray Mears era. Pearl brought three things to the table: a personality, an image, and consistent winning. I don’t expect us to hit a homerun with the next pick, but I can’t say that the bottom will drop out either. Then again, people were saying “Bruce who?” at this time six years ago too.  I have no idea what the next coach will bring. Likely UT will have to overpay to bring in one of the more recognizable names and why should they choose UT if their current or other future options are more attractive?

Possibly a coach from a Division II school or smaller school in Division I would do.  They may want to go for a coach who is less showy, but stresses fundamentals, strategy and can handle the pressure all the same. On top of that, a coach with a fire in his (or her) belly is a must. You can’t last much less succeed in sports or at anything in life without passion.

As for Mike Hamilton, yes he is on the hot seat again.  I am not calling for his head, but I don’t think he has measured up either. He does a good job in terms of capital improvement projects and fundraising. But he has trouble relating to the nuances of athletics and to coaches, players, training staff, etc… Ultimately, we don’t care if $1 billion was raised if they are bouncing between coaches and coaches are turning down the opportunities outright even with all the history and tradition. That speaks volumes. I wish everyone the best in their future endeavors. Maybe some day, I will become the UT Athletic Director 🙂

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March 24, 2011 at 12:10 am

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