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Fulfilling One’s Purpose In Life

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These may seem like common questions, but should be worth asking again: Have you ever wondered what your purpose in life is? How would your life be different if you made a different decision, outcomes turned out differently, or maybe if you were in another time? One common train to life is we get up in the morning, we eat breakfast, go to work, eat lunch, get off work and pick the kids up from school, head home where we cook dinner, watch some TV and go to bed. We know what we are going to do when we are 5, 15, 25 and 65. It has all been mapped out for us.

Suppose you follow this train to life and yet your life takes a different path. I wanted to play baseball and football, but wasn’t as big as the other kids and wasn’t exactly the greatest athlete in the world either. I knew what I wanted to do while going to college and that was to be a movie director/producer. My problem was that I was born about 75 years too late. They don’t make ’em like they used to. If you try to pitch an interesting concept in Hollywood today, it won’t even make it past the security guard. The times we are living in don’t lend themselves to individualistic traits or uniqueness.

Yet, it is only individuals who have moved things along.  First ignored, then laughed at, then fought with and finally we win.  While I would love to make a few movies in the future, I’ve come to realize over the past ten years or so that my future, not necessarily the one I wanted was taking a different path.  It wasn’t going to amount to being the next Alfred Hitchcock.  I feel as if I’m preparing for two tracks in life: one is a new career in coaching particularly football, but also open to baseball or softball too and another track is continuing the struggle for liberty and justice in a world woefully short of both.  I want to just move on and become the best coach I can be.  But around five years ago, I began having visions that told me of the future to come. The future is now. It is a world of chaos, war, rumors of war, persecution, tyranny, etc… The past is the future.        I don’t know what is to become of me specifically. But I have learned to not worry about planning the rest of my life out or letting others plan it for me.  No one knows what each day will bring.  I take life one day at a time.  I will let God direct my path wherever that may lead me.

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May 27, 2011 at 11:41 am

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We Need More People Like Rae Abileah

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“Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.” Matthew 7:15-17

If you are trying to make sense of the events that have transpired in the Middle East over the past 100 years or so, don’t feel alone.  What one needs to understand is that the old order of elites never went away. They just re-invented themselves by putting on a suit and tie and participating in conferences rather than religious ceremonies since the idea of kings and emperors ruling by divine right was no longer in vogue. Who is at the top of this chain? It is not a single individual, but a group of organizations primarily financed by the Rothschild cartel.  Some of these organizations include the Council on Foreign Relations, Federal Reserve and the Trilateral Commission. Aside from Rothschilds, John Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan have been the most influential individuals in institutionalizing statism in the United States. They laid the groundwork for the Federal Reserve, funded eugenics including lending support to the Communists and Nazis and have spread false gospels such as the Social Gospel i.e. the government will take care of the poor and oppressed via the National Council of Churches.

The United States government via its method of fractional reserve banking gives billion of dollars (perhaps as much as $15 billion) in any given year to “both sides”. The classic divide and conquer tactic. They are manipulating people’s emotions in the pursuit of absolute power for themselves.  Many people have been deceived by false prophets and their false gospels.  Yet most people don’t even see it.

So is there a solution? Yes.  But it requires the sheep to wake up and see what is going on first.  The American people need to stand up to “their” government.  The Israeli government claims they speak on behalf of all Jews.  They are liars.  We need more people like Rae Abileah. Hamas and Hezbollah deserve no support from Muslims.  In the ultimate struggle for liberty, it has always been man-made institutions against the unique individual created in His image.  Open your ears and eyes.  Then withdraw your support from all of these false leaders and fallen organizations.

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May 26, 2011 at 12:24 pm

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A Brief Word As We Head Into Another Election

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I suppose if I was voting in 2012, I would choose Ron Paul since I’m not inclined to vote for any proponent of expanded government regardless of party label. But all in all, does voting really matter? It is the same old argument every election cycle about making us comfortable and safe, but nothing changes.

Presidential candidates in 2008 spent over 1 billion dollars. That is on top of the very individuals who take 50% of our money in the form of taxes and run up debts in the trillions of dollars in order to fund things like animal mating habits, swine odor and manure management or recreational grounds. We donate money and vote for candidates on the basis that they will make our lives comfortable or make our problems go away, the very problems they create in the first place or they make worse by meddling where they have no business meddling.

With $1 billion dollars, the food banks and pantries could purchase enough food to feed five million people every day for a year. Around the world in a year, around 10 million people starve to death and close to a billion people are malnourished. Is it due to the Earth outgrowing capacity? No, it is something else entirely. As Walter Williams so succinctly put it, “[The] problems are really a result of socialistic government practices that reduce the capacity of people to educate, clothe, house and feed themselves. Poor countries are rife with agricultural restrictions controls, export and import controls, restrictive licensing, price controls, not to mention gross human rights abuses that encourage their most productive people to emigrate. The most promising anti-poverty tool for poor people and poor countries is personal liberty.”

With $1 billion using $100,000 as a baseline, 10,000 housing units could be built. Depending on how many people live in each unit, we could give tens of thousands of people housing while they could then be able to work on whatever caused them to wind up homeless in the first place whether it is job loss, depression, alcoholism, etc… It beats having to return to sleeping on concrete or cardboard boxes every night while they can have the chance to put their lives back together and it beats having tens of billions of dollars being wasted on social welfare programs overseen by career bureaucrats who have an interest in keeping the status quo going.

Hopefully, this will be something to think about the next time you head to the polls. Don’t look to politicians to solve problems. What are you going to do about it?

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May 19, 2011 at 11:49 am

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America’s College Bubble Next to Burst

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The National Inflation Association (NIA) is pleased to officially announce that it will soon be releasing its hour long documentary ‘College Conspiracy’, which will expose the U.S. college education system as the largest scam in U.S. history. NIA has been producing ‘College Conspiracy’ for the past six months and plans to release the movie on May 15th. NIA members will be given the first opportunity to watch this must see documentary, which we hope will change the college education industry for the better.
NIA expects ‘College Conspiracy’ to take college education by storm and expose the facts and truth about tuition inflation to prospective college students. Almost everybody applying to college has heard the oft-repeated statistic that Americans with college degrees earn $1 million more in lifetime income than high school graduates without a degree. This is one of those statistics that gets repeated so many times that just about everybody accepts it as fact, but nobody actually does the research to confirm whether or not it is true. ‘College Conspiracy’ will prove once and for all if indeed this so-called statistic is true or just a myth.
If 70.1% of high school graduates enroll in a college or university, how does a college degree give you an advantage over the rest of the population? Back in the early 1960s, Americans didn’t need to go to college. We were a creditor nation with a strong manufacturing base. With an unemployment rate of only 5%, jobs were available to almost everybody. Less than 50% of American high school graduates enrolled into college. For those who did attend college and graduate with a degree, it was actually something special that made you stand out from the rest of the field, because not everybody had one.
American college tuition inflation has been out of control for the past decade. During the financial crisis of late-2008/early-2009, almost all goods and services in America at least temporarily declined in price. The only service in America that continued to rise in price throughout the financial crisis, besides health care, was college education. Despite real unemployment in America reaching 22%, students were brainwashed into believing that if they were lucky enough to be blessed with the privilege to get half a million dollars into debt to obtain a college degree, they will be on a path to riches and have a guaranteed successful career; whereas those who don’t attend college are destined to be failures in life.
The current college education bubble is one of the largest bubbles in U.S. history. The college bubble has been fueled by the U.S. government’s willingness to give out cheap and easy student loans to anybody who applied for them, regardless of if they will ever have the ability to pay the loans back. Student loan debt in America is now larger than credit card debt, but unlike credit card debt, student loan debt can’t be discharged in bankruptcy.
During the 1970s, college students were able to afford their own college tuition without getting into any debt, simply by working a part-time job year round or by working a full-time job during the summer. Not only that, but most college students were also able to afford their own car and a small apartment. However, since 1970, Americans have experienced a 50% decline in their standard of living due to the Federal Reserve’s dangerous and destructive monetary policies. You never heard of parents setting up college savings accounts for their children 40 years ago, but thanks to the Federal Reserve, this has become the norm.
The biggest competitive threat to Wal-Mart today in terms of market cap ($192 billion) is not Target ($35 billion) like you might think, but is actually ($89 billion). Wal-Mart is able to offer the lowest prices out of all brick and mortar retailers, because of the size and scope of the company, which allows them to be profitable even at extremely low gross margins. However, while Wal-Mart’s stock price is only up 16% from where it was exactly 5 years ago,’s stock price is up 470% during this same time period.’s stock price has risen by a 29 times higher percentage than Wal-Mart due to the fact that they sell their products over the Internet with substantially less overhead costs. NIA believes that the future of college education is over the Internet and that Americans in the future will be able to receive a better quality education from the best professors from all around the world at only a fraction of the cost of a traditional brick and mortar college education.
For the vast majority of college courses, there is absolutely nothing that students can learn in a huge multi-million dollar lecture hall with hundreds of other students that they can’t learn at home listening to that same professor on a computer. The only reason online colleges haven’t taken off yet in America and still have less than a 1% market share of U.S. higher education is because America has a college-industrial complex that cares only about profits and not educating students. The people who control the system simply don’t want the system to change, because they are making way too much money by turning American students into indentured servants.
Back in the 1980s when Americans graduated high school, they would get hundreds of thousands of dollars into debt to buy a house. Today, millions of Americans have mortgage-sized debts, but still live with their parents. All they have is a piece of paper called a college degree, that is rapidly declining in value even faster than tuitions are skyrocketing in price.
‘College Conspiracy’ was made possible by the personal stories that were submitted to us by thousands of NIA members. NIA’s staff spent the past six months traveling across the country, interviewing our country’s top expert guests in nine different states. Please tell all of you family members and friends to become members of NIA for free immediately at so that they along with you can be among the first to see ‘College Conspiracy’.

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May 9, 2011 at 2:46 pm

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The Many Tales of Bin Laden

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Do I really need to elaborate? At some point, people need to stop being played for fools. He was having kidney failure in 2001 and ultimately died from lung complications brought on by Marfan Syndrome.

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May 8, 2011 at 11:56 am

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Why The “Pig Flu” is Pig Dung

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(Originally published April, 2009)

“Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.”
Joseph Goebbels, Nazi minister of propaganda

Did you notice all the talk last month about the evil Chinese and Koreans? Then it was the “evil” people of Somalia for the past few weeks?
Have you noticed the recent news about the “Pig Flu”? Basically for the next week or so, we are going to be indundated with stories about people getting pig flu, virus or whatever word you want to use.

It could be the Reichstag Fire. It could be the evil Jews on Monday and the evil Arabs on Friday. Next week, it could be you. So what is going on?

I’ve worked in television and newspapers, so I know first-hand how public information can be manipulated in order to produce a desired result or response. People who work in government are efficient in the sense they can rationalize their responses to a crisis and get the talking points out to the public. The talking points from the memo get repeated around the water cooler, from the talk shows, cook-outs, so on and so on.

This does not mean that every single reporter, newspaper editor or camera man is “in on it”. The media can be used for good purposes as well as bad purposes. It is just that many people in the position to call the shots these days as in the past are agenda driven, adhere to loyalty to political parties or are rather friendly with the people who run the power structure thus ensuring access for exclusive interviews, feeders on stories and invitations to awards dinners among other things.

Nothing gets run unless it has approval. Now it can be anything from football scores, a 5 year old girl winning a spelling bee, to this. The fact of the matter is that we are dealing with nothing more than constant repeating of the same story. Ever notice that all the major media outlooks say the same thing? That is a clue that you are being mislead or lied to. This is called Media Manipulation. Specifically, this is Distraction by phenomenon. Think “Wag The Dog”.

It is also important to keep in mind that it isn’t what they are telling you that is the problem as much as what they are NOT telling you. Hence, lying by omission. Ask yourself this: what other events were going on Saturday? I think it has something to do with the Federal Reserve.

What is going on is that various governments have been keeping core samples derived from lab experiments and at a pre-determined time, they would release it hence the timing of all this aka the anthrax scare. What is also happening is that all the reported cases of pig flu are in fact not pig flu at all, but nothing more than cases of common colds. Essentially a non-event. Keep in mind this is all happening less than a week after Hitler’s 120th birthday.

This “crisis” is all designed to create a crisis and further erode the economy or at least explain why corporate profits are down (other than the corporations own mismanagement), trampling of civil rights, inducing a mass panic, etc… The CDC, FEMA and other agencies in the alphabet soup will claim there is a crisis of “epic proportions” and then use their own manufactured crisis to justify more powers to do these things. Can you say internment camp? Look up H.R. 645 sponsored by Alcee Hastings of Florida.

This particular “crisis” is livestock-related, so expect more push for government oversight of farms. Big industrial farms will welcome this, because they have big lobbies to get exemptions just as Monsanto is welcoming the oversight of seeds and you guessed it, pigs. As in the “Pig Patent“. In 2005, Monsanto had filed two patents for processes which controlled the breeding and the herds of pigs. This resulted in Monsanto being under scrutiny for ownership rights over pigs and their offspring. Monsanto was planning to create improved designer animals for human consumption using special breeding techniques. Monsanto was able to control breeds with specific characteristics as per the patent, and disallowing other breeders and farmers from doing so. The patent, being broad, remained unclear about the ownership of the proceeds from the sale of the pigs by farmers. It did not mention the royalties involved when a food producer produces sausages (as an example) using those pigs which are bred using Monsanto’s process. This was a source of royalty for Monsanto. Monsanto wanted to cash in on the growing consumer demand for meat products globally and many activists question the ethics of Monsanto’s actions.

So live your life and don’t listen to the naysayers. Likewise, be diligent in protecting your rights and liberties.

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May 8, 2011 at 11:31 am

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Disaster In The South

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This past week, a huge storm front resulted in tornadoes that have so far killed at least 300 people mostly in Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee.  The good thing is that people are pulling themselves up and getting to work in their communities or helping elsewhere with donations of money, medical supplies, food, etc…

I was volunteering at the Camp Creek site in Greene County, Tennessee on Friday.  As best I could tell, people were putting their volunteer spirit in action. Supplies were being moved out and people were working well together.

Now as of Saturday, I’ve been informed that the Red Cross has pulled out of disaster relief for Camp Creek “due to a lack of funds” (when they have been receiving hundreds of dollars worth of supplies) and that FEMA/DHS bureaucrats were taking over.  Do I need to remind anyone of Hurricane Katrina?  Whenever the bureaucrats get involved, it becomes a boondoggle of redtape, inefficiency and corruption.  So while you are doing your best to help those affected, keep your ears and eyes peeled.

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May 1, 2011 at 12:03 pm

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