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Disaster In The South

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This past week, a huge storm front resulted in tornadoes that have so far killed at least 300 people mostly in Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee.  The good thing is that people are pulling themselves up and getting to work in their communities or helping elsewhere with donations of money, medical supplies, food, etc…

I was volunteering at the Camp Creek site in Greene County, Tennessee on Friday.  As best I could tell, people were putting their volunteer spirit in action. Supplies were being moved out and people were working well together.

Now as of Saturday, I’ve been informed that the Red Cross has pulled out of disaster relief for Camp Creek “due to a lack of funds” (when they have been receiving hundreds of dollars worth of supplies) and that FEMA/DHS bureaucrats were taking over.  Do I need to remind anyone of Hurricane Katrina?  Whenever the bureaucrats get involved, it becomes a boondoggle of redtape, inefficiency and corruption.  So while you are doing your best to help those affected, keep your ears and eyes peeled.

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May 1, 2011 at 12:03 pm

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