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Discernment In The World At Large

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“It is the standards of civilized men not of beasts that must be kept in mind, for it is good men not beasts who are capable of real courage. Those like the Spartans who concentrate on the one and ignore the other in their education turn men into machines and in devoting themselves to one single aspect of city’s life, end up making them inferior even in that.” Aristotle

My struggle in life hasn’t been alcohol, drugs or other issues of the flesh. My struggle has being able to reconcile the acknowledgement and knowledge of deeper truths in the universe with my own physical realities. I desire to live in another century or to do other things, but my physical abilities and size don’t measure up. My dreams to be a baseball or football player were pretty much over before it even began. I still however hold out that someday I will be able to make a few movies even if I don’t reach the levels of Alfred Hitchcock or Darryl Zanuck.

Many Christians struggle or should struggle with the realities of the world they are in. In a certain way, our bodies should feel as if we are in a prison.  We are supposed to be the salt of the earth as we boldly proclaim the gospel.  I think Americans have become prudish even hypocritical especially when it comes to female sexuality. But this doesn’t come from moral discernment, merely their own legalistic way of looking at life. I mean we don’t ever complain about scantly clad men parading around. I have even had women tell me that it is okay for them to watch (even as they condemn women doing the same thing) because they “aren’t tempted in the same way men are”. Really? But that is just my observation.  I’m not hung up on people’s sexual choices even if I don’t care for it myself. I’ve been a fan of mud/oil wrestling and general WAM since childhood. I never considered playing in mud or having pie fights to be sinful behavior. Yet, some people insist that it is even as they throw down big money gambling or watching boxing on PPV.

Violence on the other hand has far-reaching consequences.  I used to watch wrestling, big action movies, played video games as a kid and what not. However, I have moved away from the violence on TV whether real or perceived. I will not watch hockey “fights”, UFC or cock/dogfighting. I question the use of violence in sports in general. I am not legalistic about it, but I do discern and draw my own limits. I do like a good action movie, but not if CGI fills in for a poor story. I’ve eaten my fair share of beef, chicken and pork in my lifetime. Yet over the past ten years, as I became aware (although part of me already knew that) of the practices on industrial farms, I have reduced my meat consumption and say that I’m “85% vegetarian”. Is it right to cause another living being to suffer and lose their life just for my pleasure? Generally it is immoral.

Life is not about rules and regulations like the Sadduccees. It is about making  choices. Since I aspire to get into coaching, I’ve been giving a great deal of thought to the physical aspects of sports and particularly the crowd mentality that at times wants more violence. I have decided that ultimately I have to stand on my own two feet. I will not coach players on how to injure opponents, instruct a pitcher to throw a ball at a batter’s head or encourage a player to fight or hit another player as some payback. The world measures a man or woman in a totally different way than Christ. Walking in Christ means being the salt of the Earth, not sugar.

Written by chrisforliberty

July 2, 2011 at 5:30 pm

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