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A Summer of Contentment

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I’ve just spent seven weeks in North Carolina working as a counselor at a summer camp. While the obvious was to make money which is a big help for one who doesn’t make much, the greater experience was getting to minister and serve the youngsters who were doing everything from camping, hiking, canoeing, learning about plants and Bible studies. This experience has further confirmed my decision to go into coaching and confirmed my reasons for this calling were the right reasons: in an age of big money and win-win mentality, my reasons are rooted in a more humble approach and that is to serve others and be a disciple for Christ. Football is simply one avenue among many.

I enjoyed playing baseball and football as a youngster, but never was going to be even big enough or talented enough to even become a starter on the high school team.  It was unfortunate that I would miss out on those experiences from the morning dew of August practices to making it to a championship game.  Perhaps God is using coaching as the approach to fulfill other areas of my life, but most importantly I am serving and witnessing to others and glorifying God.

No one knows the future, but I’m feeling the best I have in about ten years in regards to my career/job direction. A number of other careers/jobs haven’t panned out. But those experiences can be applied to coaching especially my background in media/PR, politics and being able to handle the many personalities in a large organization.  Actually coaching is a calling. You either have a passion for it or don’t.  You don’t view the long hours, pressure and tasks as just another job.  Many people love to watch sports, but only a few are willing to deal with the challenges that coaching involves. At least now, I know for certain this is the avenue I should have been on 10-15 years ago. Maybe in a certain way, I already was.

Written by chrisforliberty

July 20, 2011 at 11:52 am

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