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Beware of Your Shortcomings

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Channel your energy into something positive

I have spent a fair amount of time during my walk with Christ engaged in spiritual warfare. The past year has certainly been the most challenging. I recently read The Bondage Breaker. This book gave me some more insight into spiritual warfare and how Satan manipulates your thoughts. Satan can’t read your mind. But the accuser can gather what your shortcomings are by observing you.

It may help to make an honest assessment of your shortcomings and write it out. That way you and Satan can be on notice. My potential shortcomings will be several: I still have a desire for a girlfriend and/or wife someday. I have now defeated the nighttime attacks that were happening for nearly a year. Satan knew that I had regrets over not having lived a full life as a teenager (didn’t date, shy, wasn’t good enough to make football team), and while I was not interested in marriage in my 20’s, I was having these desires now. Satan was pulling a one-two punch by making me think I missed out on my life while taunting me to rush in and have it now. Satan will be watching for what I do in the future hoping that I will get in over my head. But this scheme will fail too.  

Another vunerabilities will be financial. I am wondering just how my job prospects will be upon graduation with thousands of dollars in student loans. Then there is the possibility that this career change to coaching may or may not work out. After all I’ve had several career attempts/jobs that never lasted long. Then there is the plan to visit San Antonio for a convention and attend a Christian counseling session. This would be like putting on new armor that I alluded to in my most recent post. The opportunity to network and meet some friends would be a tremendous boost to my morale.  Satan is going to attempt to prey on my uncertainties about being able to make this trip. But it will get done one way or another. Another one of Satan’s attempt at instilling doubt/fear will fail.

The other vunerability will be to launch a flanking manuever in order to take out my support network. Satan will attempt to incite fear that people will abandon, betray me, doubt me, etc… Satan may have me being disappointed that I may not do well on a test, get overwhelmed with classes, or cause me to screw up somewhere. But yet again, because I will keep my focus on Jesus, Satan will fail again.  


Written by chrisforliberty

November 29, 2011 at 7:23 pm

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  1. Enjoyed, on you reply to one of your friends; you spoke of Bonita, may I ask what book you were you referring too? I love to learn!

    Barbara Groene

    December 22, 2011 at 8:36 pm

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