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Why Do Hearing Impaired People “Not Get It”?

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Although many people talk about hearing loss in terms of percentage, it is not an appropriate or meaningful measure of hearing loss. Hearing is tested across many different frequencies or pitches, from low-pitched sounds like thunder all the way up to high pitches, like a whistle.  It is very common to have more hearing loss at some frequencies than for others. Therefore, even if it were it possible to quantify hearing loss by percentage, for some people the percentage of hearing loss would be different at each test frequency, making it virtually meaningless when describing the overall hearing loss.

How hearing loss affects a person varies from individual to individual. Especially for children, it could also result in delayed social development/interaction skills. Speech and language pathology can be helpful especially depending on age (best for it to begin around birth to age 2.  But unlike what many people seem to think, it is not a cure.  Adults who had “normal” hearing growing up, loss it and then had to re-learn generally do better. The learned behavioral patterns have been set.

Hearing aids certainly help, but again it is not a cure.

Some people with moderate hearing loss can even do well without a hearing aid.  Many of them incorporate lip reading, sit close to the front in a room or take an observant role when multiple conversations are going on. What does not work well is the speakers turning away where their lips are obscured or people talking rapidly over each other.  But we find ways to compensate.  All we ask is for people to try to relate and to have patience.

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February 1, 2012 at 3:10 pm

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