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Holding Back The Years

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“We may not have had internet, iphones, or Xbox, but damn it we had music 10X better, cartoons with actual plots and storylines, and MTV was playing nothing but music videos all the time”

Over the past month or so, I’ve had nostaglia for my childhood specifically during the elementary school years at Alice Bell (now Richard Yoakley School).  I think this isn’t merely nostaglia though. The Lord is moving me in a direction that is intended to close some gaps in my childhood specifically to re-unite with classmates from my most formative years.  My parents moved to Halls Crossroads in 1988, so the elementary school children I spent six years with were not the same ones I went to middle and high school with.  I even remember my first semester at Halls Middle School in 1987 as being one of confusion and a degree of sadness.  I even had a crush or two 🙂  While I have good memories of the 90’s, the 80’s were for me a time of innocence that never will be recaptured.     

I don’t need to re-hash the pop culture aspects of the 1980’s.  They still live in me.  I’m referring to those long-forgotten memories of childhood.  For me, it may have been building a treehouse, going to a classmate’s birthday party, hanging out at the fire hall, hanging out at East Towne Mall (now Knoxville Center), shocking someone when shaking their hands because of static 🙂 going to the Fair at Chilhowee, visiting the World’s Fair in 1982 or turning on the TV and seeing this 🙂 The memories are numerous.  But I’m a big believer in the phrase a picture tells a thousand words. So I present you with pictures 🙂   

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April 28, 2012 at 5:56 pm

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