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Pointers When It Comes To Porn

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Storms come down, houses are wiped out, people drown, but every last little palm is there after the storm. Man is always saying, “I will overwhelm”. Why can’t he bend like the little palms? And rise again. Isn’t that better than being washed away? Kim Novak

In a nutshell, I think basically 99% of porn material is essentially useless.  It merely titillates for the sake of titillation.  Just like fast food and instant oatmeal, it has this stimulating, but ultimately temporary effect.  From there, the viewer either keeps craving and will seek it out even more to feed his/her desires to the point where it will have to be more sensational and graphic.

So how does this effect the husband-wife or boyfriend/girlfriend relationship? Some couples enjoy watching certain kind of porn.  Watching some pornography here and there won’t necessarily harm you and in some cases, it can be helpful.  But overall, pornography as portrayed in the overwhelming majority of cases is deceptive and damaging.  The man has been deceived into believing that porn is more stimulating and interesting than a deep, committed relationship with an actual woman.  The woman is basically left clinging in self-doubt and empty.  Do I get breast implants? Do we get divorced?

Men don’t seek to harm their wife or girlfriend on purpose.  But they are seeking answers or seeking to fulfill certain desires in the wrong places.  One question that has become apparent in recent years is “What do women want?” Ultimately, women (speaking generally here) desire a committed relationship.  Men historically have been the power-brokers.  We wield the ax, gun, work hard be it on oil rigs, logging, sports, pretty much any blue and white collar job.  We drink, eat, party hard. We take an interest in and use a variety of machines as we build roads, drill holes, blast our way through rock, and many other things.  But there are certain times when we need to learn to pull back and relax.  Women obviously are smaller and not quite the same physical specimen as men. So why do men try to conquer a woman in the same way they would a mountain range?  The poor lady will wind up with broken bones and who knows what else if you do that.  It doesn’t help that especially in recent years, women have either been portrayed as or emulating the examples they see in the media with breast implants, Keeping Up with you know who, twerking, etc… Mass media is rarely a good place to find accurate, truthful information.

So here are some points to keep in mind:

1) Sex should not be the every day, ten minute quickies as it is portrayed in porn.  It is better to give than to receive. There is a beginning, middle and end (Warning: contains graphic content).  The main event should not be at the beginning.  Like a properly done movie, you should have proper pacing and a buildup so that will retain interest.  Ideally, sex is to be done once a week for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or more.  It will ultimately come down to what you and your partner want and being in the right mood for it.

2) Sex should not be about ejaculation and pounding.  Sex should be about relaxation and sensuality.  If she has had a hard day at work and is simply not in the mood, you are wasting your time trying.  You would do better to give her a kiss or a massage.  Save the sex for a better time.

3) Guys, learn to relax. There is a time to work and there is a time to play. A woman is a woman. She is not an oil rig. Image

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February 24, 2014 at 11:47 pm

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